Clean appliances
Sanitize counters
Clean cabinets
Clean table and chairs
Clean and sanitize sinks, counter tops,
 and back splashes.
Clean range top and inside of oven and refrigerator.                         
Sweep and mop floor.
Empty dishwasher.
Remove trash and sanitize trash can.
Dust baseboards if needed.  

Change sheets and pillowcases.
Vacuum floor and under beds.
Dust furniture, lamps, drawers, and clean mirrors
Dust baseboards if needed.

Clean and sanitize showers, bathtubs, vanity,                                                                                  

sinks, and back splashes.                                                                                                                              
Clean mirrors.
Clean and sanitize toilets.
Polish chrome.
Sweep and mop floors.
Dust baseboards if needed.

Living Room 
Clean under sofa cushions.
Check folding beds for cleaning needs.
Dust window sills and ledges.                                            
Dust furniture, blinds, ceiling fans, and lamps.                  
Vacuum carpets.
Check closet under stairs for cleaning needs.
Empty and clean waste baskets.
Dust baseboards if needed.


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